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The Cure For The Common Resume...

Super-charge your resume in as little as one afternoon, and finally start getting up at bat!
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This 2.5-hour training is jam-packed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and examples which will clearly show you:
  • How to hook your audience with a compelling headline that engages the reader and positions you to get the interview and the job!
  • Why creating an impactful top third of your resume is one of the top ways to land an interview and how to properly build it.
  • How to power-up your work history bullets so that they jump off the page and compel the reader to want to know more!
  • ​How ATS software systems work and how to optimize your resume to optimize your score!
  • ​How to grab attention and create a "Wow Effect" with a little-known section you can add to the top third of your resume!
This resume video collection is being offered for a limited time at $97, so get it now so you can improve your ability to land sooner in your next, great role!  

Mind if I over deliver? In addition to this extremely discounted course, I'm also including some additional value. 

Bonus #1

Verbs Matter Skills List

Identifying, capturing, and communicating the set of knowledge, skills, and experience you need to get a hiring authority's attention is key. In today's world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), understanding what keywords an employer is seeking is essential.

This simple tool helps you reinforce your qualifications by providing guidance on key strengths that can help you demonstrate that you are the RIGHT fit for their role!
Use this tool to boost your ATS and LinkedIn algorithm ranking to better ensure that you are found!

Bonus #2

Elevator Pitch Builder

What do you do when others ask you what you do for a living? Or when recruiters or others ask you either, "Why should we hire you?" or "Tell me about yourself?" Are you prepared to communicate your 30-45-second Elevator Speech and succinctly demonstrate why they must hire you? Or do you "freeze up" and not know how to describe your unique skills?
This effortless "Elevator Pitch" gives you a simple formula and structure to follow that will enable you to articulate your value in a professional, polished, and compelling manner. It's a real confidence builder!

Bonus #3

Winning Resume Samples

For many people, a picture is worth 1000 words! From my perspective, seeing different resume formats provides a lot f clarity, food for thought, and inspiration. Some are busier than others, but taste is a matter of taste, and that's what makes the world go-round!  The resume samples offer a cross section of job types core and optional sections for you to consider adding, formats, and colors, just to name a few variances.

Bonus #4

CARs: The Key to Powering UP Your Resume

This tool guides you through how to construct and power-up your professional work history bullets so that they optimally showcase your value, have high impact, and let you stand out from the crowd!

When using this tool in conjunction with this "Done WITH You" course, you will expertly learn how to create "power bullets" that tell your story on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and during your interview!  It serves as a facilitator for all three, and so provides triple the value!
Meet Marissa
Founder, CEO
  • Founder and CEO of Employer & Candidate Connection Coaching & Executive Search consultancy -  2009 
  • ​Keynote / Featured Speaker at 100s of events over 10+ years
  • ​Served over 6,000 job seekers through pro bono and paid group coaching and over 350 on a 1:1 basis over 10 years
  • ​Helped LinkIn pilot ProFinder Freelance Community in 2016
  • Selected/featured as a "Top" Coach in an article published by LinkedIn
  • Awarded "Top Coach" by LinkedIn 2 consecutive years
  • ​Invited by LinkedIn to serve in their Career Advisory Program
  • Well-networked with over 7200 LinkedIn 1st connections
  • Former HR Professional of 12+ years for NBC and GF Community Bank 
  • ​15 years as a Marketing Leader for Fortune 25-50 companies and a wide variety of start-ups and other companies

Here's A Recap Of Everything You Get When You Purchase This Amazing Offer!

"Done WITH You" Step-By-Step Instructor-Led Videos ($297 Value)
​​Bonus #1: ​Verb Matters Skills List ($47 Value)
​Bonus #2: ​Elevator Pitch Builder: 30-45-Second Speech ($77 Value)
Bonus #3: ​Winning Resume Samples ($77)
​Bonus #4: ​CARs: The Key To Powering UP Your Resume ($47)

Total Value: $545
But Today, You're Getting All Of This...
...For Only $97
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